“All Children needs an Educator or a Teacher”


“All Children needs an Educator or a Teacher”

Author: Satish Kumar Bhairavabhotla

One fine day, 7-Year old daughter Hams got ready early to leave for School. Still, there is one hour time to leave. Bother Mother & Daughter sat together discussing on several things. Daughter is in thinking mood. Mother understood that some thing is eating in her daughter mind.

Mother: What Hams – today my sweet heart in a thinking mood – is it true?

Daughter: Yes Mom – I have forgotten to tell you some thing yesterday after I came back from School

Mother: What’s that?

Daughter: Today, in first hours, there is seminar in our School

Mother: Is it a Seminar or some kind of Speech

Daughter: Yes – It is a kind of Speech, where each student has to give a Speech before all teachers & students

Mother: Why did you not tell me – This is on what topic. Is it a chosen one or it can be on any topic?

Daughter: It can be on any topic

Mother: So, what you have decided?

Daughter: I want to be a listener since I was not prepared at all on any topic. And, all my friends already chosen different topics on animals, birds, discipline, TV watching, sports, Yoga, sleeping, studies, etc and your daughter has not plans now

Mother: But, will they allow you, if you sit without giving any speech

Daughter: Today there are two lunch boxes – one you given and the another all teachers will give me today either beating or by lecture

Mother: So, eating is inevitable here in either way

Daughter: It seems Yes since there is no time now even for preparation here

Mother: Then, what to do now?

Daughter: Tell me one thing, Who is teacher?

Mother: What? Teacher is a person who teaches you always

Daughter: Tell me in detailed

Mother: Teacher is an individual who sparks intellect and encourages students to pursue knowledge on their own

Daughter: I could not understand a single bit on what you told

Mother: Teacher is a person who teaches students always with care, love, passion with effective communication

Daughter: Why?

Mother: It is for your studies … Education..!!!

Daughter: Then, who is an Educator?

Mother: What?

Daughter: Mom … please tell me who is an Educator?

Mother: Now, mother more or less trying to understand where this discussion her daughter taking to.

Mother: An Educator is also a Teacher but more into, that person is a Mentor to all students

Daughter: Then, what is Teacher?

Mother: OK. Teacher is a Trainer

Daughter: Then, tell me what is Education & what is Teaching?

Mother: Now it is only half-an-hour to go to school. We will discuss this in the evening.

Daughter: Tell me now please …

Mother: Teaching means … you are given books any ready material, etc and Teacher teaches all students based on this information. So this process is called “giving knowledge”. Here, Teacher leads the approach

Mother: Education means … all this material & information will be advised by. All students here will take forward with their own research and expand their knowledge. So, this process is called “learning and gaining knowledge”. Here, Students leads the approach.

Daughter: I want a bit more understand please … still twenty minutes left Mom … Please carry on

Mother: An Educator always likes to provide inspiring knowledge for transformation of students with a passion to the extent of student’s desire. An Educator is the person who always observes, analyzes & delivers for student’s evolution in life. In this concept, student’s mind grows fast on various areas of knowledge through their research & development.

Mother: A Teacher always possesses clear, written-out objectives. A teacher is always prepared & organized and master of the subject matter. So these people are always lifelong learners.

Daughter: Looks like both an Educator & a Teacher are one and the same. There is no much difference. Is it right?

Mother: Yes. I think so. Both are equal. But the concept is on teaching mind and an educative mind. A Teacher is more specific on subject matters and an Education is more concentrated on Student’s evolution

Daughter: No much difference?

Mother: I think, an Educator always tries to locate in the intelligence and abilities in one and all and allows them to develop, create, and pursue their talent.

Daughter: Still …..?

Mother: OK. Every one can teach but only a few can educate. A teacher teaches to students where as an Educator reaches to the Students.

Mother: A teacher is more concentrates on subject material and prepares students for exams, perspiration where as an Educator focuses on student’s development and evolution, an inspiration.

Mother: Teaching is a job for earning and works with in a locality and the Education is a passion for learning and works across globally.

Daughter: OK. This is a good information for my knowledge.

Mother: I think this is the best what we can understand from this topic. Both are one and the same. The only thing is Student’s more evolution, which you can get more from an Educator.

Mother: Now-a-days, in all most all the schools, several activities are taking place for educating the students rather than only concentrating on subject matters.

Mother: This seminar or a Speech in your school today is also for educating you all students my dear.

Daughter: Yes. Today my speech will be on “Education, the role of Teacher and why do all children need an Educator too”.

Mother: So, you got it now. You have chosen this subject very cleverly.

Daughter: I want all my Teachers must understand us to the best and educate us for our evolution. We all are the next generations and face of future. Am I right?

Mother: Your school van has come now. Listen the horn sound.

Daughter: Yes Mom. Ok. Bye. See you in the evening.

Mother: OK. Best of luck. I bless you may you get the first prize today. It’s a very nice topic.

Daughter: Thanks Mom. Bye.